Token Creek Chamber Music

Program II

Many Happy Returns

Wednesday, August 27, 8:00 P.M.

Works of C.P.E. Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin, Beethoven

What can we say about a composer who winds up composing entirely, or at the least primarily, for one medium? Chopin and Scarlatti both found that restriction to the keyboard, rather than limiting their resources, freed their imaginations. By immersing themselves in the sound and attach of a single instrument they each became more peculiar, un-imitable, and irresistible. In small forms they found snowflake variety.

Anchoring the program, Beethoven, a universal large-scale composer whose Sonata in F somehow acquired the title “Spring.” If spring, it is the changeable, difficult weather, more showers than flowers.


Selected Keyboard Sonatas Domenico Scarlatti Selected Preludes for piano Frédéric Chopin Arioso with Variations in A for keyboard and violin, Wq 79 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Sonata in F major for violin and piano, Op. 24 (“Spring”) Ludwig van Beethoven Judith Gordon, pianoRose Mary Harbison, violin