Token Creek Chamber Music

Pre-cancellation Note



August 21 ‐ September 6, 2020
— cancelled —

A Pre-Cancellation Note from the Directors

Dear Friends,

The middle of June is when we usually announce our concerts for the season, scheduled every year to begin in late August and run through Labor Day.

As we continue to endure the many shifts of the crises of health, politics and civil rights, we find ourselves struggling to understand all the contradictions.

In spite of it all, we have some hopes for a concert emblem of the festival—perhaps a single event taking advantage of the small venue, the audience socially distanced or virtually engaged, perhaps new dates later in the season—having a chance to recall what we have enjoyed together.

So we are delaying our announcement of what the Token Creek Festival might present, with a final decision by July 15th. It is hard to give up something that has been evolving for thirty years and counting. It is a luxury and a lifeline for both the performers and listeners, something that holds us fast in spite of the present challenges.

We are not yet advertising or taking ticket orders or building new facilities. But we and the artists who are holding dates for us are doing something else: we are practicing, imagining, thinking in real terms about presenting concerts again.

If for no other than those reasons we beg the indulgence of our friends as we become perhaps the last to depart the season, or among the few to be able to propose some radical, slim, socially distanced, barn-size festival.

We hope you will stay tuned, as we are staying tuned. We’ll let you know what’s possible by mid-July.

With warm wishes,

John & Rose Mary & Sarah
TCF Directors