Token Creek Chamber Music Festival

John Harbison at the Mic, 2016
A Token Creek Tradition
The Deck Before a Concert
Token Creek Festival Barn
Sarah Yanovitch and James Primosch, 2018
In Primosch's Holy the Firm
Rehearsing Schumann's Piano Quartet, 2017
(Clockwise from L): Rose Mary Harbison, John Harbison, Ya-Fei Chuang, Kyle Price, Blakely Menghini
Molly Morkoski & Kayo Iwama, 2016
Two Schubert Pianists
Daniel O'Dea Sings Bach, 2016
With (L to R): Isabella Lippi, John Harbison, and Laura Burns
Gambists Brady Lanier & Anna Steinhoff, 2016
In the premiere of John Harbison's The Cross of Snow

Token Creek Chamber Music Festival


— inherited, inhabited, anticipated —

August 24 ‐ September 5, 2021

Dear friends,

Although the Token Creek Festival presented a virtual season last summer,  Music from the Barn, the cessation of live events still seems highly unusual and  disorienting. Composers may have been the few musicians who found it unusually productive—and  not so different from other years.   Audiences, confined at home, “attended” concerts over screens, or simply went without. Performers have been vigorous in sending forth a great deal of music, and teachers have gamely zoomed with their students, but for them the year has been a distinct abruption, an award of time without the completed circuit of live listeners, leaving them thinking, perhaps too often, about Legacies, without the chance to add in, make sounds in public, and directly exchange ideas with their colleagues.

And so the Token Creek Festival resumes this summer by picking up threads, but with a greater appreciation of where they came from and where they lead.  We invite you to explore the programs and join us—either in person or over your screen—out at the barn once again.

with warm wishes,

John and Rose Mary Harbison
and the Token Creek board and staff

A wooded glade, a quiet barn…
exquisite music, glorious performances.

Token Creek · a world apart.

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Recently named the premiere chamber music festival in the state ‐ ambitious in scope, intimate in scale, and artistically first rate ‐ the Token Creek Chamber Music Festival gratefully appreciates the support of individuals and organizations who help ensure the continuance of this annual summer series. Thank you for your gift.
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