Token Creek Chamber Music

Jim Huwe

Since 1979, Jim Huwe has been a multi-genre drummer. While still in junior high school he got his first paying gigs and occasionally was allowed out of school to play a date – with the promise he would complete any assignments or missed work! His range of playing varies from doing club dates to weddings, shows to recordings, concerts and jazz festivals. Jim has performed with jazz vocalist Dianne Schuur, saxophonist Richie Cole, jazz singer Connie Evington, and played an opening show for the legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. He has worked with the finest Midwestern musicians doing jazz, big-band, pop, folk, and Latin music. Jim has worked as a drummer, clinician and teacher in the U.S. and in Thailand (2000-2002). While in Thailand he taught and delivered a national drum-set contest champion in June of 2002. He has been a musical instrument repair technician since 1987, has been working at Ward-Brodt Music in Madison since 1990, and is in high demand in this industry.