Token Creek Chamber Music

Program III

Words & Music / Then & Now

Wednesday, August 28, 7:30 P.M.

An 80th birthday tribute to John Harbison

Tickets: General Admission $32 / Student $12


Selections from: Violin Sonata in B minor & The Art of Fugue Bach Four Songs of Solitude & Nocturne Harbison Violin Sonata in G major Mozart Phantasy Schoenberg SchwartzSongs & Four Poems for Robin Harbison Readings and conversation, poet & composer

Program Notes

This program seeks to revive some of our earliest formats, the dialogue session, music both performed and discussed. Our very first jazz program, in 2003 ‐ a preview, as it turned out, of a ten-year voyage ‐ was of this nature. It was devoted to two themes, Blues, and songs by jazz-concert composers. When in the next year we started our full-scale jazz series, it was notable for its lack of talk (we did not even introduce the songs from the stage, but went with a printed program).

We also began our Festival with elaborate program notes, which were often in progress downstairs as the concerts were being performed upstairs, xeroxed and handed out almost as they were written. We also ran open rehearsals for a period, where the audience became part of the discussion among musicians as pieces were being put together.

We eventually evolved to offering live introductions to each concert half, which in some cases expanded to Forums which were main events themselves. Over the years we have offered evening-length discussions on topics such as poetry and music, the acoustics of violin making, theories of aesthetics, theatre and art and music, and nature and ecology.

Our Wednesday evening program will again build in some topics for discussion, perhaps inquiring about: What makes a program? Which of our performances in the past were most liked and disliked? How do poets feel about their words set to music? What do we learn from discussions with our listeners?

Join us for an evening of exploration, in words and music. Important threads not present in other programs this season means the probable appearance here of Bach, Haydn, and some newly composed music.

— Notes by John Harbison
Artistic Co-Director, Token Creek Chamber Music Festival