Token Creek Chamber Music Festival

The Porch Before a Concert
Token Creek Festival Barn
Ryan McCullough & Lucy Fitz Gibbon
August 2015
The Lydian Quartet at the Barn
August 2015
Songs from Shakespeare, 2013
L to R: Allison Schaffer, Molly Morkoski, Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Waggoner, Carrie Stinson
Open End Ensemble & Friends, 2013
L to R: Jen Clare Paulson, Carrie Stinson, Andrew Waggoner, Laura Burns
John Harbison Plays Gershwin
August 2012
At this time of year we especially take this opportunity to reaffirm our gratitude for your interest in and care for our festival, and we hope you will again be willing to support us, as so many have in the past. To make a contribution now: Contribute

Twenty-Eighth Season

August 25 ‐ September 3, 2017

Check back for season details in May!

It’s almost like a Shakespeare play.
Sun Prairie Star, August 1999