Token Creek Chamber Music Festival

Chamber Music at the Barn, 2013
L to R: Rose Mary Harbison, Heidi Braun Hill, John Harbison, Karl Lavine
The Porch Before a Concert
Token Creek Festival Barn
Songs from Shakespeare, 2013
L to R: Allison Schaffer, Molly Morkoski, Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Waggoner, Carrie Stinson
John Harbison Plays Gershwin
August 2012
Open End Ensemble & Friends, 2013
L to R: Jen Clare Paulson, Carrie Stinson, Andrew Waggoner, Laura Burns
MIT VocalJazz, 2013
L to R: Matthew Starr, Ben Bloomberg, Edan Krolewicz, Emily Wean, Sam Fomon

AUGUST 23 & 24, 2014
Program 1: American Spring

AUGUST 27, 2014
Program II: Many Happy Returns

AUGUST 30 & 31, 2014
Program III: The Perennial Avant Garde

Featuring festival favorites Ya-Fei Chuang, Judith Gordon, John Harbison, and Robert Levin on piano; Laura Burns and Rose Mary Harbison on violin; Karl Lavine on cello; and introducing Dawn Lawler on flute and Joe Morris on clarinet! Click here to read about it!

It’s almost like a Shakespeare play.
Sun Prairie Star, August 1999