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2012 Festival Season

August 22 - September 2

A Sense of Place

This year, a new dimension...

In 2012 the Token Creek Chamber Music Festival bursts out-of-doors! Known for eclectic programming in the intimate setting of our refurbished barn, this year we focus on place: the very special geography we inhabit at the farm in Token Creek, the ongoing conservation efforts there, and intersections between art and nature.

We are again presenting an unusual program of music, including an anniversary tribute to George Gershwin in our jazz club, serenades by Bach, Harbison and Mozart, and popular music in praise of nature for the unexpected ensemble of accordion, mandolin, and bass.

But we have also organized, for the first time, a special program to introduce visitors to the Token Creek property and to share some ideas about prospects for its future as a green space.

We see an opportunity to build on a rich legacy that includes two generations of experiments in organic farming, nearly a quartercentury of music festivals and forums, an expanding community of participants, and the land itself. With its segment and tributary of Token Creek — an important fishery and major source of water for the Madison lakes — this hundred-acre tract is a strategically located green space in a rapidly developing area.

All of this adds up to a unique opportunity for serious conservation efforts that will enhance the local environment while exploring the role the arts have to play in the urgent task of reconnecting with nature. We inhabit places, but place also inhabits us: it defines us, inspires us, restores us. As stewards, we play an essential role in shaping the future of our most precious remaining spaces.

So do join us this August for some lively talk with experts who are knowledgeable about this place: its ecology and possibilities for restoration, its role in a bigger geography, and a chance to imagine its future. We invite your participation in the conversation. And of course, as always, come on out for our anything-but-ordinary concerts in the barn.

2012 Concert Schedule
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