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We begin our second decade of chamber music concerts with some new faces and new events.  Two Forums draw us toward the craft of music in its many dimensions: crafting a new composition, an insightful performance, or a splendid instrument. The first Forum will explore an extraordinary realm of science as it applies to the sonics of great violins: in a lecture demonstration, the distinguished physicist and  violin maker W. Jack Fry will reveal what he has uncovered about the ``secrets" of the great string instruments.  The second Forum distills the theme that weaves through  the Festival ˜  song . . .  songs with words and songs without.  Our ``Evening of Poetry" will include readings and discussion that trace the path from poem to song.  Lloyd Schwartz,  poet, music critic, and close friend of the late Elizabeth Bishop, joins composer John Harbison to consider the setting of poetry in music, centering on a new work of Harbison, North and South (poems by Bishop), that premieres on our last concert.

There will be both familiar and new performers among us.  Craig Smith, pianist/conductor, and Janice Felty, mezzo soprano will be among the distinguished newcomers.  We also celebrate the altogether remarkable artists who inhabit the local area, welcoming again the cellist Parry Karp, presenting the well known Bill Lutes (not as commentator but as pianist), and introducing Karl Lavine, cellist.  Violinist Daniel Stepner returns, this time with the Boston Museum Trio performing on period instruments of the Baroque, a modern antiquity charmingly suited to the Festival setting.  And once again the scholar/pianist Leonard Stein will return to talk  and to play.

The Harbisons welcome you to the Festival Barn, both as hosts and as performers, and invite you to join them for these last rites of summer.

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